3D/4D and HD with colored prints

Now offering 8K! Check out the 8K tab for more info.

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3d/4d Ultrasound
What is considered diagnostic? If you want to know your baby's weight, check anatomy, or estimate your baby's due date then the exam is considered a diagnostic. We need a written order from you doctor or midwife to perform these exams.
Diagnostic Exams
Cupcake or stud muffin, what will baby be? We start gender exams at 16 weeks, but we can often tell a little sooner. Don't want to know at the time of your appointment, not a problem! We can put it in a sealed envelope. Details are listed under pricing tab.
2D/gender exam

We do not charge extra for recording

Please make an appointment or do this at an existing appointment
Heartbeat Animals
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Ultrasound Pricing

Full exam details can be found under the pricing tab. There are no added fees to these exams!

The Diagnostic Exam  $150.00 Sat $175.00                                      

2D/gender Exam  $80.00 Sat $100.00

3D/4D exam  $110.00 Sat $125.00

Final Peek exam  $70.00 only offered Mon-Fri

All-in-one 3D/4D exam  $160 Sat $175          

Twins 3D/4D $150.00 Sat $175.00

(45 minutes of scan time)

Welcome to Prenatal Imaging

Why Us?

  1. Every state has their own regulations on who is allowed to perform ultrasounds. Unfortunately, Missouri and Kansas do not have any regulations. That means that anyone can purchase an ultrasound machine and perform an ultrasound without proper education and training. All scans at Prenatal Imaging are performed by a Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer. We are the ONLY elective ultrasound center in the Kansas City metro area that uses registered medical sonographers. This allows us to provide you with peace of mind as well as reliable imaging.  This is why OB offices recommend our facility. They like to know someone that is trained and registered is performing the exam.

    You wouldn’t let just anyone scan you for your medical exams so why do that for elective ones

  2. 3D/4D exams come with high quality color printed pictures.

  3. We use state of the art technology and even 8K imaging.

  4. Our large ultrasound room offers seating for family and friends with newly upgrade TV’s for better viewing.

  5. If you are coming in for gender we guarantee our accuracy.

  6. We also offer reasonably priced diagnostic exams. These are helpful for those that insurance companies allow just one exam or for the uninsured.


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