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Fetal Yawn

Jeanette Burlbaw - Saturday, November 24, 2012

The fetal yawn has always been a coveted picture.  We love to see our sweet babies' full lips wide open and watch them snap shut.  I've been asked for years why do they yawn?  After 35 years of observing this phenomina I assumed it was a matter of maturation.  Well my theory has been supported by researcher from Durham University.    "Although nobody knows what purpose yawning serves or how important it is, the researchers suggest there may be a link to fetal development, and it could serve as an index of health in unborn babies.   (Previous research has shown that as fetuses develop, their facial expressions in the womb become more complex.)"

We can now explain away our desire to see our baby's smile, yawn and frown by simply saying 'scientific research;)'



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