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2013 Ahhh How Ultrasound Has Changed

Jeanette Burlbaw - Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Happy New Year!  Welcome 2013. 

I am so lucky to be a sonographer with today’s technology.  I have the ability to show you your baby in the most dramatic detail.  You can see their expressions, behavior, movement and I can evaluate much smaller anatomy than ever before.

Neither my patients nor their parents understand what the image was like in 1975 when I was a novice sonographer.  I had 17 shades of grey, only had one crystal so I couldn’t demonstrate movement.  For the compound image I’ve included I had to dig in my old reference material.  Few sonographers today have seen such silly images.  I feel like a dinosaur when I talk about my personal experience to sonography students.

In 1980 the hospital I was working at bought the first real time equipment.  Because I was pregnant, we used my body as the model to demo all the equipment. I was thrilled. I got to see my baby moving and we could see it was a boy.  The conservative radiologist I worked with cautioned me that no one could be sureJ  The applications specialist rolled his eyes and said he’ll catch on;)  Zeke, my son, is very much a man.

Fast forward to today – Hurrah!  I have the most wonderful equipment GE E8 with HD Live.  I have loved my 38 years with sonography, but don’t ask this old sonographer to go back in time.  No they weren’t the ‘good old days’

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  • HDI live whole baby shot

  • HDI live image of curled up baby

  • 1970's sonogram of a baby head and body