At Prenatal Imaging we offer 8K images. The detail demonstrated is amazing.  We are the first facility to provide this in the Kansas City Metro area.

8K is a post-processing technique that increases the megapixels of the HD image for a more realistic picture. It is just an add on feature after you have your normal 3D/4D scan with us. We process a clear face HD picture and send it to you within a few days.

We can process images from outside facilities, but keep in mind the original equipment and skill of the sonographer play a huge role. Our equipment is state of the art and our ultrasound technologist are skilled in getting the best images so often even our regular 3D/4D/HD image has more detail than other facilities.  Come check out the difference for yourself!  We promise even if you are closer to another ultrasound facility we are worth the little extra drive time.