Prenatal Imaging Centers, LLC

Prenatal Imaging Centers, LLC

The birth of a child is often described as one of the best moments in life. For many, the joy begins long before the baby enters the world. The anticipation and excitement grow along with the expectant mother’s abdomen, and Prenatal Imaging Centers is there to share in the excitement. Whether it is for diagnostic reasons or memory keepsakes, Jeanette Burlbaw,  sonographer and owner of Prenatal Imaging Centers, captures the very first images of these eagerly awaited babies with her state-of-the-art equipment in her spacious, family friendly office.

Founded by Jeanette Burlbaw, BS RDMS FSDMS FAIUM, a sonographer with more than 35 years of experience, Prenatal Imaging Centers offers every patient an hour-long appointment in a relaxed, unrushed setting. “We provide affordable, diagnostic exams in addition to the 3D exams. I want to make quality diagnostic sonography available to everyone,” said Jeanette. It’s this personal touch that separates Prenatal Imaging from the competition.

In a traditional hospital setting, the patient usually has a one-
time, 30-minute imaging session with a few images to take home.
Good luck fitting your family members into the room to view images
of your soon-to-arrive newborn. Prenatal Imaging Centers is different.
There’s seating for nine and two 40-inch monitors to view your captivating little bundle of joy. The cutting edge technology, GE’s Voluson E8 with HD live, captures every detail, right down to the baby’s expression, on the 3D sonogram. Patients receive a quality exam with a DVD of the exam, images on a CD and prints.

“If I see a malformation, I immediately address the situation with
the patient as well as report it to their attending doctor,” explained
Jeanette, who works closely with an experienced obstetrician to Interpret the diagnostic exams. “When I opened my office eleven years ago I knew I would find malformations during non-diagnostic exams. That’s why it is vital to have an experienced, skilled sonographer holding the transducer.” In addition to its mission of ethical and personal service, the center has two main goals: to
make sonography available at the patient’s request and to provide medically-
indicated exams that are affordable.

Diagnostic sonograms at Prenatal Imaging Centers are only $125 versus the typical $500 or more in a hospital. A case in point is the Amish couple whose midwife felt they could be expecting twins. Their hospital was going to charge the couple $1,000 for a twin exam, or $500 per baby. By comparison, the exam at Prenatal Imaging cost them only $175. “They had beautiful 32-week twins. They allowed me to do 3D and the images were amazing! Anatomy and sizes were appropriate and both babies were in separate sacs. The information helped the midwife prepare to have them delivered at their local hospital. They were thankful for the savings and comfortable environment,” noted Jeanette.

To get a true picture of what Jeanette is all about, just view a short but informative video on her website. Patients attest to Jeanette’s deep passion and high skill level with comments like “she doesn’t see this as a job and doesn’t clock in and out,” and “she gets very excited about what she does.” Another client said, “Her level of perception is higher than anyone else you’ll meet in this industry.” The website also has incredible video clips for you to view.

Jeanette also volunteers her time and service to Alexandra’s House, a perinatal hospice service providing active management and hope for families pregnant with lethal anomalies and a baby who is expected to die near or shortly after birth. Normally, these mothers-to-be don’t get to experience the routine joys of a sonogram because their pregnancies are high-risk and the sonograms focus on the problems. Jeanette allows them to see their babies on their terms, to view the complication or simply see their baby.

“Women come to see me for an ultrasound to find out if their babies are okay. I’m able to show them the anatomy and so much more with the remarkable equipment I have. I’m able to show the baby’s expression, a smile or mad face,” laughed Jeanette, whose passion and dedication to her profession come through clearly. “All my patients have touched my life somehow,” she added.