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2D gender exam

Monday- Friday $80   Saturday  $100

  • Most frequently used to simply find out the sex of your baby
  • Attempted at 16 weeks and greater
  • Exam on CD and prints


30 minute 3D/4D exam 

Monday- Friday $100.00   Saturday $125.00

  • Approximately 20 to 25 minutes of scan time
  • Exam on DVD, CD, and printed pictures.
  • 28 weeks – 34 weeks ( Past 34 weeks images might be limited)


Twins 3D/4D exam 

Monday-Friday $150.00    Saturday  $175.00

  • Approximately 45 minutes of scan time.
  • 26 weeks – 30 weeks (Past 30 weeks images might be limited)
  • Exam recorded on DVD with images on CD and printed pictures.


Diagnostic Exam

Monday-Friday $150.00    Saturday  $175.00

  • Evaluate size, growth, weight, fetal anatomy, etc. with report reviewed and signed by interpreting physician
  • Written orders from managing physician/midwife required
  • Take home images in 2D
  • Gender determination at 16 weeks or greater upon request
  • We do not file  insurance

* We require a credit card number to hold all appointments except diagnostic ultrasounds.  Cards are only charged for “no show” appointments or less than 24 hour notice of cancellation.  We will charge 50% of the exam price.