How is the sample taken? The sample is taken from the upper arm via the SneakPeek Snap. The snap’s microneedles are just the width of a human hair, 1/5 the width of the lancet blade. The microneedles only reach the epidermis, where there are fewer nerve endings, so virtually no pain is felt with SneakPeek Snap.

Is this test safe? SneakPeek Clinical is a non-invasive prenatal test (NIPT), and it’s safe for both mom and baby.

How quickly can I get my results? Your sample is mailed to SneakPeek Labs in San Diego, CA via FedEx overnight mail.

FastTrack customers: Expect your result email between 4-8pm Pacific Time the same day your sample is received by SneakPeek. 

Standard customers: Expect your result email between 1-5pm Pacific Time the day after your sample is received by SneakPeek.  

Are results guaranteed? SneakPeek Clinical is the most accurate early gender test on the market. If your test result does not match the gender of your newborn, you’ll receive a full refund.

Do I need an appointment?  Yes. Please check our booking page or call our office for availability.

I’m having twins. Can SneakPeek determine fetal sex for each one? In the case of identical twins, if male DNA is found, then both babies are boys. If no male DNA is found, then both babies are girls. For fraternal twins (or more!), finding male DNA will confirm at least one baby is a boy, but cannot distinguish if the second is a boy or girl.

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