Frequently Asked Questions

Who will perform the exam?
Jeanette Burlbaw BS RDMS FSDMS FAIUM. She is the owner and sole sonographer in the office. You will receive her resume when you request information.

What is the best time to schedule a Keepsake sonogram?
We suggest greater than 26 weeks to ensure sufficient fat on the face and body for those images you see published.

What is essential for the best images?
Adequate fluid around the baby, fetal movement (not just those strong jabs with body parts), and fat on the baby are what creates the optimum images.

Can I see my baby if I wait greater than 34 weeks?
Yes with appropriate fluid and movement the images and expressions are remarkable. Check my facebook account for examples.

Can you tell me what my baby weighs?
To estimate the fetal weight you must have written orders so the sonographer can obtain the measurements that allow us to do so. This is a diagnostic exam.

Can you tell me the sex of my baby without my doctor's orders for a diagnostic exam?
Certainly! We ask for you to be 16 weeks or greater to ensure that once you drive here we are able to accomplish it. The 2D exam is perfect for this.

If I want to keep my baby's sex a secret can I still have a Keepsake exam?
Definitely! Simply make it clear on the patient information sheet and remind the sonographer. We will simply not go below the cord insertion of your baby to ensure this is not revealed.

Will you file my insurance?
We are a fee for service office which allows us to keep the diagnostic exam reasonable. We do not file insurance.

Does a sonogram guarantee a normal baby?
No. Detection of congenital anomalies is dependent on many factors such as gestational age, maternal habitues and fetal position. Most commonly missed anomalies are cardiac in origin Many are developmental; meaning in some cases an anomaly, which is detectable by sonography, may not be apparent at the time of the study.

Will my DVD have an entire thirty minutes or hour on it?
No.  The time is to ensure I have the time to let you sit up and look at what I have collected and hopefully have the baby change positions.  Time is my friend.  Hopefully things will change if the baby doesn't cooperate from the beginning.

When I am imaged for a gender determination at less than 20 weeks will I get 3D/4D images?
I will always attempt to show you what the baby allows. 3D is best when there is more fat/baby.  If the baby touches you during this point in gestation the pictures are often perceived as "scary".