Welcome to Prenatal Imaging

Offering 3D/4D/HD, gender, diagnostic ultrasounds, and post processing 8K images. Located centrally in the Kansas City Metro. All exams are performed by experienced OB registered sonographers.

  • Every state has their own regulations on who is allowed to perform ultrasounds. Did you know that Missouri and Kansas have no regulations at all?  That means that anyone can purchase an ultrasound machine and perform an ultrasound without proper education and training. All scans at Prenatal Imaging are performed by a Registered OBGYN Diagnostic Medical Sonographer. We are the ONLY elective ultrasound center in the Kansas City metro area that uses registered medical sonographers for EVERY exam. This allows us to provide you with peace of mind as well as reliable imaging.  Not only are our techs registered but they have been doing OB scans for a decade. This is why OB offices recommend our facility. They like to know someone that is trained, experienced, and registered is performing the exam.
  • All 3D/4D exams come with high quality color printed pictures.
  • Our large ultrasound room offers seating for family and friends with newly upgrade TV’s for better viewing.
  • If you are coming in for gender we guarantee our accuracy.
  • We also offer reasonably priced diagnostic exams. These are helpful for those that insurance companies allow just one exam or for the uninsured.


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