The link will take you to the booking page to schedule. It will show you the first available which is often over a week out, unless there has been a cancellation. Please be aware of the actual date you are selecting and note helpful instructions and policies below.

When booking all fields that are asked are required. Please do not put N/A on any field or the appointment will not be fully booked. WE RECOMMEND CHECKING THEN DOUBLE CHECKING THE DATE. We often have clients show up on the wrong week because they didn’t notice the date of the exam. We will also send out a confirmation booking email with the date and time. 

The booking page only goes out about 2 1/2 months in advance. If you are needing an appointment further out please check back to schedule. If you were instructed to schedule a diagnostic appointment with us it is usually best to call us at 816-741-5300 to schedule. We do have separate instructions and guest policies for those exams since they are for medical purposes.

If you have other questions you can call or email us at

3D/4D, 2D(Gender) Guest Policy: Currently, we are allowing you to bring 5 guests with you if you are having an elective ultrasound. A guest is considered anyone besides the patient getting the ultrasound. Spouses, children, grandparents, etc. all count as a guest. There are no age restrictions, just remember children do count as a guest in that total number of 5.  We do not have an open waiting room at this time, so please keep in mind your party may be asked to wait in their vehicles until we are ready for you.  Thank you for your support!