Please book yourself by clicking this link:

When booking all fields that are asked are required. Please do not put N/A on any field or the appointment will not be fully booked.

For appointments less than 24 hours in advance or special requests please call us at 816-741-5300.

If you have other questions you can call or email us at  You are still more than welcome to call to get scheduled.

A stay at home order has been put into place for the city and county that our business is located in. Unfortunately our elective gender and 3D/4D ultrasound exams do not fall into the category of medically necessary. You are still welcome to book  an appointment for after the order is lifted. If the order is lifted sooner we will unblock our schedule accordingly.

Please know we are sadden by the situation, but it is something out of our control. Please stay safe and thank you for your continued support of our small business.