Please book yourself by clicking this link:

When booking all fields that are asked are required. Please do not put N/A on any field or the appointment will not be fully booked.

For appointments less than 24 hours in advance or special requests please call us at 816-741-5300.

If you have other questions you can call or email us at  You are still more than welcome to call to get scheduled.

We are able to do all exams starting May 6th. At this time, we cannot have more than 10 people in our office at a time and this does include our employees. We do still recommend your party to be at a minimum. Please keep in mind we may ask your party to wait outside or in their vehicle while you check in alone. We will provide masks and gloves for customer use. Our goal is to be able to stay open and provide a safe environment for everyone. We are confident this can be achieved by following safety guidelines and cooperation from our customers.